Paper soldiers

Paper Soldiers by Andriy Bychkovskyi Paper Soldiers – is a deck-building card game with a game board consisting of different tile types. You are leading an uprising against tyranny. To win the game you need to complete multiple encounters and build your ideal deck.

Farlanders: Prologue

Prepare for your journey to Mars by building and managing a colony within the safety of Earth’s atmosphere. Hone your abilities to create a thriving community, terraform the land to suit your needs, and prove your capability for a larger mission. Get ready to launch in this prologue to Farlanders. Strategize, build, and manage your … Read more

Grand Story

Grand Story by Andriy Bychkovskyi, Oleksii In Grand Story, you are playing as an older lady living in a rural area. Apart from doing your daily routine, you are also waiting for a letter from a grandson. Use WASD for movement and “E” or mouse buttons for interactions. The game takes about ~15 minutes to … Read more


Undervault by Andriy Bychkovskyi Undervault is a roguelike dungeon crawler with pixel art graphics and board games influence, in which you have the ability to control dungeon generation. Game level contains rooms of different types including kitchen, bedroom, treasury, and so-called unknown room, which you can transform into your desired room type. The goal of … Read more