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🎮 Andriy Bychkovskyi 🎷

Hello, my name is Andriy. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine and I make video games. It's my primary occupation for at least 5 years now. I'm not very successful yet, but I'm getting better.

Also, I'm a hobby musician — I play in a band called Triple Jump and upload some music to Soundcloud. I secretly (not so) hope that music would make me cooler.

In development

Farlanders (PC)
Mars colony simulation game with terraforming.

Pixel Express (PC)
Retro styled arcade game about trains.


Undervault (PC, Web, Android, iOS)
Roguelike dungeon crawler in which you are affecting level generation.

Grand story (PC, Web)
Experience the life of an older lady in a rural area. The game was made in collaboration with Oleksii Netrebenko.

On hold

Ludopolis (PC)
Reboot of Undervault with new graphics, game mechanics, and the story.



If you have a proposal or anything to say, write me an email at andriy@bychkovskyi.com.

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