Making video games during war

Russia has invaded my country Ukraine. Only 4 days ago, all I was thinking about were finishing a video game and releasing an album with my band. Now, Serhii, my colleague, has joined territorial forces to defend Kyiv, and half of my bandmates are hiding in bomb shelters. I got lucky and flew to Warsaw … Read more

Foreign Affairs, Anomalies | Farlanders Devlog #4

Alpha 2 is live on Steam! The main changes are: Reworked trading 👩‍🔧 Every 5 turns unique trading propositions from other colonies are generated Reworked colonists migration 🛂. It will work in a similar way to the trading system. Every 5 turns you’ll get various offers with new colonists and  their requirements New navigation system for … Read more

What to expect in Farlanders comparing to Prologue


I want to talk with you in a bit more detail about what is planned for the main Farlanders game in comparison to the Farlanders: Prologue. Usually, when designing a game, I’m not adding mechanics just for the sake of it. Instead, I’m trying to create an emotion or the feel that the player will get. So in this article, I will not simply describe mechanics, I’ll try to explain why I’m adding them and what is their purpose.

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