Foreign Affairs, Anomalies | Farlanders Devlog #4

Alpha 2 is live on Steam! The main changes are:

  • Reworked trading 👩‍🔧
  • Every 5 turns unique trading propositions from other colonies are generated
  • Reworked colonists migration 🛂. It will work in a similar way to the trading system. Every 5 turns you’ll get various offers with new colonists and  their requirements
  • New navigation system for trading and colonists migration 🚀. With ships flying to/from other colonies
  • Basic implementation of anomalies 🔎, or artifacts that could be found under ice, or mountains and could be researched with a Research camp 
  • Few new buildings/modules 🏭, including a Gardening shed that is now required to grow plants
  • Game performance improvements 🛠
  • Some visual improvements 

And here is my traditional devlog 😛:

Development is going at a good tempo, but still with a delay according to our roadmap. I honestly believe such delays are for the better, because we have time to implement what wasn’t originally planned (like reworked colonists migration), but is necessary to make all game mechanics click. 

We are already working on Alpha 3, which should be the last alpha version, but it’ll add a very important chunk of new content (underground layers!). You can follow #materials channel on our Discord for Alpha 3 teasers.

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