Life in caves on Mars | Farlanders Devlog #5

Greetings 🐓,

I’m happy to present you with the biggest content update we’ve ever made for Farlanders. The main change is the addition of the 3rd dimension, or in other words, you’ll be able to explore underground caves for rare resources and anomalies, or even expand your colony downwards. Underground levels consist of new terrain types with different rules of terraforming. To access the lower level you need to find a passage tile and build an elevator. And to scan the cave for the best direction for expansion you have a Radar building, which scans for hidden rooms and zones of interest such as anomalies, resources, or hidden passages.

📝Other important changes:

  • Radar building which scans the area around for hidden anomalies, or passages
  • Two new resources that are used for mid-late game buildings: glass and electrical components
  • Resource deposits are now finite but could be restored with a help of terraforming
  • New caves specific buildings, including lantern, hydroponic farm, fungi, underground housing, fertilizer
  • Magistral wires and pipes communications. Some buildings are requiring this more expensive connection 🔌
  • Reworked level generation 🧬
  • Ability to purchase terraforming patterns with money via the trading interface
  • Global colony happiness depends on the population size
  • Money income per colonist depending on the happiness 💲

📺Watch my devlog for more details.

Contentwise the game is mostly ready, now it’s time to move to the Beta phase and do a lot of polishing of game mechanics and UI. And of course, start working on the game campaign and narrative.

I’m proud of what we have achieved recently, and I have a feeling that we’re close to creating something great and unique. But maybe I’m wrong, who knows 😜.

I’ll keep you updated, and as always you can follow the development on Discord, Youtube, Twitter.

~ Andriy

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