Making video games during war

Russia has invaded my country Ukraine. Only 4 days ago, all I was thinking about were finishing a video game and releasing an album with my band. Now, Serhii, my colleague, has joined territorial forces to defend Kyiv, and half of my bandmates are hiding in bomb shelters. I got lucky and flew to Warsaw … Read more

Paper soldiers

Paper Soldiers by Andriy Bychkovskyi Paper Soldiers – is a deck-building card game with a game board consisting of different tile types. You are leading an uprising against tyranny. To win the game you need to complete multiple encounters and build your ideal deck.

Foreign Affairs, Anomalies | Farlanders Devlog #4

Alpha 2 is live on Steam! The main changes are: Reworked trading 👩‍🔧 Every 5 turns unique trading propositions from other colonies are generated Reworked colonists migration 🛂. It will work in a similar way to the trading system. Every 5 turns you’ll get various offers with new colonists and  their requirements New navigation system for … Read more

What to expect in Farlanders comparing to Prologue


I want to talk with you in a bit more detail about what is planned for the main Farlanders game in comparison to the Farlanders: Prologue. Usually, when designing a game, I’m not adding mechanics just for the sake of it. Instead, I’m trying to create an emotion or the feel that the player will get. So in this article, I will not simply describe mechanics, I’ll try to explain why I’m adding them and what is their purpose.

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Companies are colonizing Mars and settlers are lining up for a chance to start anew. Play as a colony architect and utilize terraforming technology to create a new home for your colonists, otherwise you may find them packing for a rival base! Lead the charge in establishing a colony on Mars in this turn-based strategy … Read more