Colony levels, Moving into Beta | Farlanders devlog #6

Greetings πŸ•Š,

Farlanders is moving into Beta! This means that main game mechanics are implemented and now we are focusing on improving the gameplay and user experience. Also, I’m excited to start working on the game campaign and narrative (it should be much better than in Prologue!).

The changelog:

  • Colony levels that are tied to the population amount. Each colony level gives you rewards that might include new mechanics, resources, science points, or a special colonist
  • Specialists – unique colonists that give your colony a permanent bonus or improvement. So far we have 14 unique specialists in the game.
  • Migration waves, we got back to the old migration mechanic, but with some modifications (landing platforms required for a ship to land)
  • Workers salary
  • New ‘book’ user interface which unites all of the game screens
  • Reworked trading interface
  • In-game feedback form (press F10) which also sends us a screenshot and a savefile
  • Procedural terraformings generation. Much more flexible and diverse than handcrafted terraforms.
  • Better visuals for 1/2 enabled buildings. Dust on tiles that are polluted by factories and could not be transformed into fertile soil
  • Technology tree is revisited, Game balance adjustments
  • As always, lots of polishing and bug fixing (you can’t check it anyway :P)

Watch my devlog for more details

I can add that compared to the Alphas I’m much more satisfied with how the game is played, which gives me the confidence that we are moving in the right direction. More to come.

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