Pixel Express

In Pixel Express you operate a railroad by switching rail junctions. Your goal is to deliver cargo, earn resources, and rebuild a town. Make your journey through 4 different seasons spiced up with unique chiptune soundtrack.

1. Switch junctions to change train movement

2. Pick cargo with the train having the same type (color) and deliver it to the correct station

3. Avoid train crashes and have fun!


  • Production chains. You start by delivering raw resources and end by delivering a final product to the consumers
  • Earn resources and restore railroad infrastructure to make your life easier
  • 4 unique seasons, with a unique set of levels and mechanics: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Unique chiptune soundtrack for each season
  • Positive and negative power-ups which randomly appear on the railroad, or could be bought in the shop
  • Emergency cargo with an extra reward for fast delivery
  • More to come..

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